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I just finished my Bachelor of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University in May 2018. I am currently looking for work in NYC and London. My interest in architecture started at an early age. As a New York City native raised in a 123-year-old former school building, I have always been surrounded by inspiring spaces. Studying architecture has helped me understand and analyze the concepts driving the design choices in the buildings that catch my eye.



As buildings rise and fall at a rapid rate in my neighborhood of Prospect Heights, I have seen firsthand how architecture can change a community. I would like to have a positive impact on the communities surrounding the projects I help to create. My designs focus on sustainability and unique outdoor and public spaces. I believe that the best architecture is accessible to all and creates a positive experience for anyone who enters it. In my studios and work experience, I have designed many schools, community centers, and affordable housing projects that achieve these goals.


My studies have taken me to many places, including the Architectural Association in London and Autodesk’s Boston BUILD Space. Because I feel that technology will play a significant role in architecture, I have taken classes in coding, parametric design, and digital fabrication. I hope to one day use these skills to create innovative and interactive spaces.


In my free time, I love smart comedy shows, open world RPGs, cooking and enjoying food and wine with friends.

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