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Autodesk Boston BUILD Space

June 2017 | Coordinator Jeremy Ficca

During the summer of 2017, I was part of a team of CMU students that was commissioned by Autodesk to create a piece for their Boston BUILD Space using incremental metal forming. We created a hanging sculpture for their main conference table. The piece was designed in Grasshopper and displays the forming technique by extruding forms on flat panels to create connections between the planes.

Along with Nitesh Sridhar, I oversaw the programming and ran the robot to form the panels. This project took 10 working days to design and fabricate. It still hangs in the BUILD Space office and, in September 2017, it was displayed at the Boston Society of Architects.

• Manuel Rodriguez Ladron De Guevara
MADD ‘18
• Atefeh Goloujeh | MADD ‘18
• Meghan Chin | BArch ‘18
• Jack Fogel | BA ‘17
• Nitesh Sridhar | BA ‘17
• Zain Islam-Hashmi | BArch ‘19
• Ryan Smith | BArch ‘20
• Zhuoying Lin | BArch ‘20
• Min Young Jeong | BArch ‘20
• Erin Fuller | BArch ‘21

Framing Support

Path of the Robot

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