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Center For Urban Agriculture

The goal of this project was to create a place for the community of Larimer to learn about gardening and encourage them to grow their own food. It do this designed the building that allows people to interact with as much greenery as possible. Circulation of the building is in the green house. There is a ramp that goes around the sides of the green house and drops people off at different points in the building. The greenhouse only uses aeroponic planting systems. These systems grow plants in tubes that can be stacked. I used them to create a 6ft wall of plants that follows the ramp on both sides. This allows people to be constantly surrounded by plant life while traveling through the building. The outdoor planting area also uses the aeroponic system. In this area of the building they were used to create fences along the canopy that covers the outdoor market place. This placement allows for two different experiences with the plants. People in the market place, below the canopy, can see the plants growing above them and people on the roof can interact and care for the plants.

Floor Plans




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