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The Hollow Hill

Spring 2018 | Game Design, Prototyping, & Production  | Professor Tom Corbett | Mucha Kombucha Studios

The Hollow Hill is a top-down Horror game based on 1400s Irish Folk Lore. It follows Lorelei a, child whose baby brother, Kieran, has been taken by the Fey. Lorelei then follows the monsters into their cave lair to save her bother. She must avoid monsters and navigate the vast cave to find her brother and escape.



I oversaw the 3D art and some game design. I designed and modeled a system of 1m x 1m x 2m modules that made it easy for the programmers build and edit levels in Unity. I also designed all the furniture and other objects in the word.


Mucha Kombucha Studios Consists of:
Jake Bittner: Level Design & QA

Jan Orlowski: Programming & Design

Pradnesh Patil:  Programming & Design

Annabelle Swain: 3D Art & Design

Sofia Miren Syjuco: 2D Art, Writing & Design

Cloud Tian: Music & Sound Design


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