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Liverpool's Entrepreneurial Hub

Fall 2017 | Professors Naraia Vegara and Marie de Monseignat Lavrov 
Architectural Association Visiting School

My final project was the design of Liverpool’s Entrepreneurial Hub, a community office and park for the city. There are public workstations and meeting areas for the public. There are also start-up and personal offices that can be rented for those who need a more collaborative workspace. The building encourages overlap of professions. The Park on top creates a much-needed green space for the city and outdoor working areas for the entrepreneurs. Its location at Princes Dock puts it within a residential area and revitalizes the historic site.

Prince’s Landing Stage

Prince’s landing stage was once a vibrant shipping dock, but today it is in ruin. This site was intriguing because of the water location and the timber grid.

Site in 1914

Site today

Grasshopper Design

The form is computer generated. This allows for a smooth transition between the strips.





1: Driving Lines
Can be moved in Rhino to create different forms.

2: Dividing Points

3: Polylines from points

4: Extrusion Surfaces

Inside and Out

The building serves two very different functions. The inside serves the workforce of the city, and the outside gives residents a place to relax and explore.  

Interior Plan

Park Plan and Circulation

North-South Section

West-East Section

Versatile Workspace

The hub offers places for all work needs. If people work independently there are desks and computers, in inspiring communal areas. There are also private offices if people need a secluded space away from home. Group offices are available for start-up companies and there are meeting rooms that can be booked.

A coffee shop on the north side of the building provides food to workers and park goers.

Lecture and Communal Work Space View 

Private Park Area

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